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Lauren Cassidy

Managing Director

"Designing clickable campaigns is my favourite part of my role, I love it just as much as cheese... and that’s a lot!”

Lucy Harper

Managing Director

"Influencer marketing is so fast paced and creative.. there's no time for boredom. I love it!”

'I have never been able to say I love my job until I started working with RBI. I feel heard, I feel involved and most of all I feel so happy in my role. I look forward to logging into work, each and every day.' - Emilie B, Influencer Executive

With a combined 10+ years of marketing experience, RBI was established by founders Lauren Cassidy and Lucy Harper in early 2020 and has been growing ever since. Lauren and Lucy are both content creators and between them have over 1M followers, 200M views and have worked on over 100 brand collaborations.

RBI is a hybrid of digital marketing and influencer management, offering a one stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs. Alongside Lauren and Lucy, the team consists of Campaign Managers, Influencer Executives and Outreach Executives. Our team are highly skilled in digital marketing and are also experienced content creators, giving RBI it’s USP. Plus, they’re not only superstars, they’re also really enthusiastic, friendly, passionate about what they do and a joy to work with too!

Based in London, we work with clients from across the globe and use a flexible working model to ensure we are there for you regardless of the time zone. We’re extremely dedicated to our clients and maintaining a close relationship is key for us at RBI. You’ll never be just a number with us.

Star Team Members

Showcasing members of our team who are doing a pawsome job in their RBI roles.


Chief Treat Officer

Responsible for ensuring the biscuit tin is always stocked.
Excellent at communicating when it’s dinner time.
Privy to a ‘lick’ of wine if mum accidentally leaves in reach.


Director of Playtime

Responsible for ensuring all staff take a break for playtime.
Excellent at squeaking toys.
Will eat anything and everything in sight.

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About Us

RBI is a digital marketing and influencer management agency. Creating clickable content for brands since 2020, RBI provides full creative campaign oversight, as well as providing an influencer only sourcing service.

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