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RBI offers flexible talent management from non-exclusive to exclusive. Regardless of how you choose to work with us, you focus on creating content, we’ll handle everything else. Here’s how we work with you to keep things simple and help you make more from your passion.


Whether you’re a YouTube, Instagram or TikTok star we’ll start by analysing your audience demographics to find out what brands would partner best with your channel.


If you work with us non-exclusively we’ll start by suggesting you to our existing brands. If you work with us exclusively we’ll discuss your channel goals and reach out to your dream brands to seek out partnership opportunities.


When we’ve received an official paid sponsorship opportunity from the client we’ll send you a proposal email. You have the choice to accept or decline - no pressure. If accepted, we’ll handle your contract & all the admin.


We then provide you with your sponsorship brief that gives you all the information needed to create your ad. We’ll be there to offer support whenever you need it. Once the ad has gone live, we’ll invoice the brand and ensure payment terms are met. Easy!

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From fashion to fitness, gaming to online services - we’ll connect you with incredible global brands to suit your goals.


We’ve put together some helpful tips for influencers...


You can choose to be exclusive or non-exclusive. If you are non-exclusive you can continue to source and acquire sponsorships externally and we will include you on our roster to clients for upcoming campaigns that match your audience and sponsorship requirements. You can choose to become exclusive at any time.


If you are exclusive, you’ll be assigned your own personal manager who will work closely with you to source sponsors with brands you would like to work with. For example, if you wanted a fashion edit with a brand, we would help acquire this for you. You’ll also be assigned your own RBI email address and we would handle all of your email enquires on your behalf.


Whether you’re exclusive or non-exclusive, we handle all of the contracts and invoices on your behalf so you can focus on creating content rather than worrying about admin. If you need your own contract or invoice for filing purposes we can provide you with these documents upon request.

Exclusive Terms

Our exclusive contracts start at a minimum term of 6 months. This gives you the chance to see how we can work with you without having to commit to a full year (many agencies require a full year contract). If you felt after this 6 month period that you would rather be non-exclusive then you’d be able to change to the non-exclusive option. You’ll be provided with your own RBI email address that would be listed as a ‘business contact’ on your social media accounts.


We handle all payments on your behalf. Payment timeline is approximately 45-60 days after your content goes live. This varies from brand to brand but you’ll be advised at the time of sponsorship offer the exact payment timeline for the specific collaboration. Once received from the client, you’ll be notified that your payment is being processed and from there it’ll take 1-3 days to show in your bank account. We normally send payments via bank account but we can accomodate PayPal or Wise payments if preferred.

Best Practices

You’ll always be provided with a brief for each campaign you work on. Always read the brief in full, making sure all mandatory talking points are included at the time of content creation. All sponsorships must be approved before publish. Send your sponsorship in for review to us no later than 48 business hours prior to your proposed live date. You’ll be provided with a sponsorship deadline, always ensure you meet this to avoid campaign cancellations.

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RBI is a digital marketing and influencer management agency. Creating clickable content for brands since 2020, RBI provides full creative campaign oversight, as well as providing an influencer only sourcing service.

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