Threading On Up - Stitching A New Trend In Influencer Marketing?
By Annie SadowskiTue Aug 01 2023
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Threads, whether you’re a fan or not, has made a significant impact, with over 30 million sign ups amassed within the first 24 hours of launching, could this new app pave a new platform for Influencer Marketing. Sources have already highlighted a difference between the engagement rates of Instagram and Threads posts, with Threads surpassing Instagram with an engagement rate of 5.2% compared to 2.6% With this significant buzz and growth around Threads, will this new app revolutionise Influencer Marketing, and lead to a fresh new way for brands to collaborate with influencers? The platform's growing popularity and features could certainly give an edge to paid sponsorships.

Threads makeup provides an environment where Influencer Marketing strategies could thrive, offering influencers an additional platform to grow their digital presence, the app also opens new ways for influencers to reach their audiences and engage with them. With its intimate community, Threads enables users to create exclusive groups for sharing updates and content solely with select members. Additionally, users can create threads for specific niches and share real-time updates, fostering close-knit discussions and therefore strengthening the connection between influencers and their audience. The ability to share real-life updates with their audience creates a more personalized experience for their following and if utilized effectively, this feature could be extremely beneficial in influencer marketing strategies. Furthermore, the generous word limit of 500 characters on Threads could greatly aid creators in their storytelling, which could be crucial, especially when it comes to brand collaborations. References below suggest that this feature can allow for seamless integration of a brand's product or service onto an influencer's thread account.

Threads stands out from other platforms by combining active discussions with the capability to post photos, videos, and stories, akin to its sister platform, Instagram. This uniqueness could see stronger and more authentic relationships with audiences as a result. Additional features, such as the activity tab providing real-time insights into engagement metrics, is another compelling aspect that could attract brands to the platform. This ability would be beneficial for both brands and influencers as it allows them to gauge the impact made on the audience. Brands have already shown interest, with influencer marketing making its way to Threads. Creators have started sharing affiliate links, as reported by Business Insider, drawn by the platform's smooth process. Meta, the well-known company behind Threads, is also exploring branded content tools and their potential introduction on the platform. The seamless process mentioned in the article is attractive to both brands and influencers, making Threads an enticing space for collaborations.

Overall, the features offered by Threads could enhance the sense of authenticity and transparency, values highly appreciated by audiences and attractive to brands for their influencer marketing strategies. Despite being an exciting new platform with engaging possibilities, Threads is still relatively new, and brands understandably are exercising caution. It could be that we see Cross-platform collaborations that emerge in the future as a means to mitigate risks.

However, as the landscape of influencer marketing continues to expand, we eagerly anticipate the potential integration of Threads into brands' marketing strategies. With its unique offerings and growing popularity, Threads holds the promise of becoming a valuable asset for both influencers and brands seeking to establish more genuine connections with their audiences.

Threads is undoubtably a platform to keep an eye on…we’ll be right back, going to figure out how to use it first. Follow @rbiagency to stay up to date.

Annie Sadowski, RBI Campaign Coordinator

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